Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do you Spade Edge?

Ever wonder what life is like off the blog? My blog focuses on sewing projects and lampshades, but while I'm not blogging here, I am a working crew member in my husbands landscaping business, Basic Landscape, yes a real worker bee!

Anyway, its that time of the year now, gardening season in suburban Chicago! August through January is pretty busy for lampshades when everyone is thinking about getting back indoors and focusing on the inside. As soon as March comes its back outside! So before I get all of the clients yards ready for Spring I do mine first. It is truly an all day workout, so you really have to start with shorter workdays and build up to 8 hours to get in shape. This year is going to be a little more difficult, I had broken my wrist at the end of last years season. So after surgery and rehab it has been 6 months since I last worked outside! Whew!

Anyway, this was my first week back and I am almost done prepping for new mulch in the beds. I have raked the leaves, cut back the remaining grasses and my favorite part spade edging! Why you ask? Its just something about the immediate gratification of that new, clean edge! Call me crazy, but I really enjoy it!

New spade edge!

Chrysanthemums....signs of life!

Xcalak, Mexico Beach Vacation February 2011......GORGEOUS!

Now its off to the Flower and Garden Show!

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