Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lined Lamp Shades...... How to tutorial

Thought I would share how to make a lined lampshade.  I have just completed a living room with premier print slipcovers and needed a lampshade to coordinate, so why not do a tutorial.

Select and prep frame, I always spray paint mine to blend with the lining fabric.

Next wrap the frame with hug snug, this provides the sewing base for the outer and inside fabrics.  Measure around the frame and multiply by 3 to get the length needed.

Trace around pattern, for this frame we have 4 sides.  Cut pieces out leaving ample room for seams.

Pin traced seams right sides together, matching top and bottom markings.  Sew exactly on traced lines.

Do a quick fit to see if you need to do any adjusting to the seams.

View of quick fit from inside.  Looks good!

Pin outside to frame, first pinning the top, first one corner then the opposite corner, continue pinning 4 corners.  Next do the same on the bottom, always pinning opposite sides and stretching to eliminate puckers.

Begin sewing, first top then bottom.

Completed outside.

Repeat the same steps for the lining, except the pattern for the lining is a tad smaller than the outside.  I like to use coupe de ville polyester lining.

Pin lining in.

Interior lining.

Sew lining, trim lining, and attach stays to cover slits where spider meets frame.

Finally, cut and make self trim bias or use premade trim to finish the shade.


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