Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Have you ever thought about how do you like your colors?  Not just what colors you like, you like your colors, separated or all mixed up?

I first started to think about this when I was planning flower beds for our landscape clients, they would choose their flowers, but where do we plant them?  Some like to plant in a very organized way, block style, masses of one color here and another mass of color there.  Then there is the client who prefers more of a cottage style, all mixed up.  Certainly two unique approaches to how do you like your colors.

So this started me thinking about the quilts I am drawn to.....the quilts that really catch my eye are all mixed up, the more mixed up the better!

So, taking it a step further, are you left brain?  very logical, organized and good at math?  or are you right brain, very spontaneous, unpredictable and a dreamer?

Have a great week!